Historical Documents

As a new convert, I have tried to understand Catholicism. It soon became apparent that the Church ran off the rails at Vatican II: she traded beauty for ugliness; intellectual rigor for vacuity and flattened transcendence into immanence. I am forcing myself to read the 16 Vatican II documents that are primarily responsible for the desecration. And what a chore it is. The worst offender, so far, is Gaudium et Spes. How can anyone read this thing and find anything of value? Gaudium et Spes is a prime specimen of the ambiguity, and contradiction present in all the documents, but it has an extra helping of dated sociological analysis and mid-20th Century hubris.

More on intentional ambiguity.

I am surprised to hear Catholics refer to these documents with so much undeserved reverence. I am reminded of other much revered historical documents:

It is ironic how the Fathers of Vatican II energetically trashed twenty centuries of tradition in their efforts to fashion the Church into the bright, shiny, hip, modern institution they so desired. For all of their egregious efforts, she is now just tawdry and sad. Interesting how Thomism, which the Church jettisoned at Vatican II, feels proper and fitting for our present moment. Thomist, Thomas Joseph White, OP reasons about God:

For more insight on the problematic nature of Vatican II documents:

Even Cardinal Kaspar admits intentional ambiguity

Dr. Philip Blosser weighs in on the Council Review of Second Vatican Council: An Unwritten Story by Italian, historian, Roberto de Mattei 

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